The Sea of Stars RPG

A world of high magic, adventure and dragons! Visit the scenic and mystical Sea of Stars. A campaign world for Pathfinder and more.

Artwork by Theo Evans

Although it has only been in production as a Kickstarter project for the past eighteen months, the Sea of Stars RPG Campaign Sourcebook is a project that Sean Holland has been working on for the past twelve years. This book can be used to run a campaign, provide suggested campaign frameworks, and outline information on the species and magic that makes the setting so unique. A campaign is a set of adventures taking place in a particular setting such as the Sea of Stars, but the sourcebook also offers other options for those who do not want to play in the Sea of Stars. There will be magic items, monsters, and more that can be used in any Pathfinder game. Thus far, the Sea of Stars RPG sourcebook is around one hundred and twenty pages.

Holland came up with this idea shortly after the WotC “Fantasy Setting Search” ended. He says, “it was envisioned as a high fantasy, wide-open campaign setting as a contrast to my two previous campaigns which were both low magic. The Sea of Stars is a setting that is always expandable to allow for players to have the character and adventures they want and thus to be the last fantasy campaign world I would need.”  Holland hopes to work with several wonderful artists to really bring his world to life. He is still in the process of commissioning the art, but there is little doubt that it will be fantastic. In the book, there will hopefully be pictures for each of the new species. It will also contain dragons, settings for adventures, and maps.

The gods were thrown down and the world shattered into floating islands.  The dragons now reign unchallenged under their Empress. 

From what I have heard about this project, it is going to be a wonderful addition to RPG campaigns everywhere. This project has had a lot of success. It has already surpassed the original goal set forth for raising money. I feel like this project has a lot of promise and will do fantastic things. It is a perfect setting for those who love adventure and fantasy. The campaign book will have dragons and creatures of fantasy. It has a little bit of something for everyone. It is a great opportunity to embark on the heroic setting of your dreams. I look forward to seeing where this project goes and its future success.

You can learn more at the Sea of Stars website. The Sea of Stars Kickstarter has 20 days left. Check it out!

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